Judgment Enforcement Takes Time

Published: 25th June 2015
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My company helps judgment owners (at no cost or any obligation) to quickly connect with the right judgment buyers and/or judgment recovery professionals. Way more than 99% of the "complaints" we receive, are as one of 2 basic types of questions:

1) Why can't you find me a judgment buyer? Just about always, the answer is that you over-estimated the cash up-front value of judgments. Judgment buyers do not care about anybody's situation or sales price demands or suggestions; buyers only care about the debtor's available assets.

2) Thank you for hooking me up with a judgment recovery "professional" for me so fast, however it's been (for example 23) days now, and they haven't recovered a dollar yet, so could you find me somebody new? The remainder of this article answers this type of question.

This article is my opinion and is not, a legal opinion. I am a judgment broker, and not an attorney. If you need legal advice or a strategy to use, you should contact an attorney.

With most judgments, judgment collection is slow or cannot happen; for nearly the same reasons it is impossible to locate buyers for judgments if the prices demanded for the judgments is too high for their judgment debtor's circumstances. Even the fastest judgment enforcement professional in the world cannot be faster than the local Sheriffs and civil courts.

Even in ideal circumstances, it could take many months for a court to respond, and Sheriffs to respond and/or make a payment in post-judgment enforcement proceedings. In an ideal situation, it might take three months before any money is sent to the creditor. When a debtor's bankruptcy filing is involved, any money recovered is in danger, and not "secured" for as long as three more months.

It is a very rare judgment that is ideal. If your situation was ideal, you would have been already repaid a long time ago. The majority of judgments are difficult and are usually collected slowly (if at all), and any funds which may be collected, comes in as chunks and bits over the long haul.

Most debtors have no available assets showing. The majority of judgment recovery specialists are smart enough not to waste money on broke debtors; or to squander lots of money to try to undo fraudulent transfers, unless both the judgment's value and the possible assets in dispute are big.

When there's no obvious available assets; after paying for a property, bank, and job location service and finding nothing; the majority of enforcers will place the case file for the judgment back in their file cabinet, or inside a folder with their PC. Then, they set their calendar or computer to remind them to check their debtor's situation, every (for example) 6-12 months).

After a certain amount of negotiation, and maybe even a bit of compensation (as an example, repaying the judgment enforcer's costs of recording property liens etc, as when the judgment gets returned, those will then revert to you), many enforcers will return a judgment back to you.

But if you later find another judgment recovery specialist; most often, you will have the exact same dismal results. While there's exceptions, cases where the first enforcer got no results and another will then be successful, this does not happen very often. Judgment collection isn't guaranteed, and almost always measured in months and years.


Judgment collection is a recovery attempt, this means to recover or collect a judgment. Judgment buyers are available and can help you with your judgment recovery efforts. Mark D. Shapiro of http://www.JudgmentBuy.com - The fastest and easiest free method of finding the right expert to recover or buy your judgment.

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