Oh No, A Judgment Owner Call

Published: 17th August 2015
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I'm a judgment broker who writes often. Everyone in a judgment-related field has endured lots of telephone calls which appear to be wasting their time. Sometimes, after first listening and explaining reality to the judgment owner, the judgment expert will think they have made a sale. However, the truth is many folks talk about their judgments with many folks, before perhaps eventually picking a professional to try to recover or buy them.

Some of the questions people ask judgment companies are sometimes surprising, for example: "What is your telephone number?" (The number they just dialed.) What's your e-mail address, is it the same as on your website? Is the spelling the same? Do I need to call you before I send you an e-mail? Is your fax machine number that one on your web site? Is your address that one on your website? Our company was saying yes for years, however such people never sent their judgments. We recently decided to no longer take live telephone calls from strangers.

Some judgment professionals learned to not put their phone numbers on their websites, or to place fake phone numbers on judgment enforcement organization member list web sites. Some creditors do not understand that judgment recovery takes a long time, and some make calls to judgment recovery specialists too often.

At our company, most of the calls we get these days come from time wasters, sales people, scammers, clueless folks, telemarketing drones, professional shoppers, etc. Even when the telephone call is from an actual judgment creditor, most of them follow these three patterns:

1) "I was on your website and I..." The problem is that person were unwilling to read that front page of your website. These kind of people just scan for a phone number, and want you to repeat what is on your website several times in full detail; what the creditor could've read for themselves, if that judgment owner spent 30 seconds looking at your site.

2) Professional shoppers who keep their problem, letting wishful thinking prevent them from taking action. When a judgment professional listens carefully and then explains their rates; the shopper thanks them, and that they will send a copy of the judgment right away, and hang up. After that, they call every other judgment company they can find, hoping to find a different answer than the truth, which is it all depends on your debtor.

3) "I need to explain my complete background story about the fraud who ripped me off". These callers want only to talk about their own ongoing problems, and a long version of their story; not able to come to a point or take any action. Some just want to talk, and have their speech prepared that they have told fifty judgment experts, and blab that same story to you.

For several months, we asked folks whether they have a computer, and whether they have seen our company's web site, and will they send us a copy of judgment? If the creditor has a computer however told us no, they will not visit our web site, again and will not be sending their judgment; we simply said the creditor I'm sorry, we cannot help you, and hung up on them.

Lately, the problem has gotten so bad, we decided to turn off our incoming Skype telephone (by simply quitting the Skype application). We get e-mailed when folks call us, if they leave a voicemail. Our decision came after a few years of wasting time listening to angry ex-spouses, long story tellers, people that lie, mean folks, folks arguing with us and/or reality, or not listening to us.

When we get a voicemail alert e-mail from Skype's server, we search for the telephone number on Bing to and check the caller is a scammer or a telemarketer. If so, we do not even open the Skype program. If the internet search does not show anything bad, we start up Skype to listen to the voice mail.

When the caller did not provide an intelligent message (some just sigh, curse, or groan), we don't call them back. Our company uses Skype because of its unlimited blocking ability, and if extra mean and/or stupid people call us, we simply hang up and then block their telephone number. Some blocked telephone callers keep attempting to call again and again many times each day for weeks.

We decided to no longer return calls to seemingly uninformed judgment owners, even after they leave us a voicemail. For example, some of them explain they "looked at our website, and asked us to call them back to discuss a $900 judgment; and if we are interested, we need to return their call right away". We stopped calling these kind of folks back, because our web site is clear as a bell. It tells people to follow step 1, and there is no reason to call if they cannot understand and follow the first step. We have reluctantly learned that usually, less intelligent folks call us, and the smarter folks send e-mails and/or their judgments.


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