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Finding Chapter 7 Undisclosed Assets

25th June 2015
For a judgment owner, debtors filing for bankruptcy is most often bad news. If your debtor recently filed for bankruptcy, however seems to really be rich, or has concealed certain assets; in some circumstances it can make sense to do a little more researc... Read >

Squeezing That Last Dollar

25th June 2015
When most folks first win a judgment, they initially want to collect every penny legally owed to them. In real life, most judgments do not get recovered. The ones which are, usually do not get recovered 100%. My articles are my opinions and are not, a ... Read >

Why You Can't Sell Your Judgment

18th June 2015
Every business day, folks contact me, wasting their time, by asking for me to quickly quote them a quick cash up-front sale price to buy their judgments. Some people send the judgments with no info about the judgment debtor, yet send a firm selling price ... Read >

Debtor Exams VS Depositions

18th June 2015
There are big distinctions between post-judgment debtor examinations, which are often abbreviated as JDXs (JDXs are also called ORAPs - ORders to APpear, or OEXs - Orders for a debtor's EXamination), and prejudgment depositions. This article uses Californ... Read >

Mobile Housing

17th June 2015
I'm the judgment solutions guy that writes often. For most folks, living in mobile housing does not seem like a good idea. Because certain counties have often had severe tornadoes, floods and/or earthquakes, a slogan often heard is "The Lord does not like... Read >

Selling Property With Tax Liens

17th June 2015
What if a 70-year old debtor owns their house outright, but there's a tax lien recorded on their property? For example, their home with land is worth about $300K, the judgment is for thirty thousand, and the prior state tax lien is for $40K. This arti... Read >

IRS Liens

17th June 2015
Judgment debtors often have additional judgments against them and owe money to other judgment owners. Very often, the most ambitious judgment owner, the first to successfully collect, is the winner. State and Federal tax (abbreviated here as IRS) judgment... Read >

Selling Your Judgment

17th June 2015
Offering to sell your judgment isn't similar to selling your home. If selling a house, the more people who know it is for sale, the better chance for being paid a higher price. Selling a judgment is more similar to selling your old car; the sale price is ... Read >

LLC Judgment Debtors

08th April 2015
If you're planning to sue a LLC, there are some possible complications one should consider; that can may be much more of an issue when you then attempt to enforce a judgment from that LLC debtor. This article is my opinion and is not, a legal opinion. ... Read >

When There Is No Costs On A MC-12

31st October 2014
A popular way to try to enforce a money judgment is having the Marshall or Sheriff levy/garnish your judgment debtor's bank account. This article covers California, but the concept here will probably be similar in most states. This article is my opinio... Read >

Liens And DBAs

05th June 2013
Several times a week, judgment creditors contact me and claim they have a solid gold judgment worth a lot of money cash up-front; because they sued a business and already filed a lien against the business, and while that business is doing poorly/out of bu... Read >

50% Cash Upfront For Judgments

18th February 2013
At my company, every day I get at least ten calls or emails like this: "I want to sell a judgment, and I went to a website which said they pay seventy-five percent cash upfront for judgments. I sent my judgment to them, but they have not gotten back to me... Read >

How Do Judgments Affect Credit Reports?

17th January 2013
Judgments do not always appear on credit reports. How it sometimes goes is, if you check your credit report once a year, they might not appear; and then, when you try to rent anything, try to get credit card or a loan, judgments magically appear and seem ... Read >

Recovering Debts As A Sole Proprietor

10th January 2013
Certain states, for example California, do not currently require one to be a lawyer or have a license to be a collection agency to collect the majority of debts or to collect judgments they own. Can an average (non-attorney) individual start a business re... Read >

Income In The Judgment Business

12th December 2012
With the present economy, it is harder than ever before to earn enough money in the judgment enforcement business. To be fair, it is also much harder to earn enough money in many businesses in these tough times. The primary method to make income in the... Read >
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